ZEH – Zero Energy Home
The highly heat insulated casing envelops like a warm goose down, giving you a feeling of heat without cold areas near walls and annoying draughts. Internal ventilation takes place through introduction, at very low speed, hot air, all in a way not perceptible by humans.
All the complexity of a Zero Energy Home is in planning. Harnessing nature’s most sophisticated plants that, who lives here does not have to do practically nothing. The air humidity, CO2 and other pollutants are removed by mechanical ventilation, 24 hours / 7 days , without having to open the windows. This advantage is especially at night and during periods of absence. The internal temperature should not be changed, even when you go on vacation: because heat doesn’t cost anything! The maintenance is reduced to cleaning the filters (with tap water) once a year.
You can open the windows, if you wish, but doing so will waste a lot of energy in winter and feel the air less pure. During the summer, you can decide whether to use passive and free cooling thanks to the passage of air into underground pipes, or open windows by warm moist air. The choice is always yours!
Deleting every thermal bridge and the consequent cold areas, prevents the formation of condensation, this, combined with mechanical ventilation makes the formation of mildew simply impossible. The ventilation system is equipped with filters that trap pollen, dust and other pollutants, ensuring a level of air purity is not obtainable by simply opening the windows.
Breathe as high in the mountains, staying just on your couch!
Without methane gas, neither for cooking use, you avoid the risk of explosion or poisoning, there are no high-temperature bodies nor flues or naked flames. In addition, you avoid the costs of facility management, maintenance of the boiler, smoke test, the gas meter.
Zero Energy Home is an innovative housing in which the walls, the floors and the roof form a monolithic concrete structure filled and continuo, protected by a thick layer of insulation and plaster. The result is a great capacity to withstand earthquakes and a virtually unlimited duration.
One G class villa emits around your garden, about 5 tons of CO2 each year. Zero Energy Home heating requirements amounts to about half compared to a modern home in class A, the 99% reduces harmful emissions. We finally have the opportunity to choose which air our children will breathe: Let’s do it consciously!

Project category
Architecture / Design

Nicola Losi, Thomas Lepore