curated by Roberta Semeraro

Temperament from hackers and academic training in particular from theatrical set designer, make Giorgio Merigo an artist borderline.
As always, those who live on the border can benefit from a privileged territory that is the synthesis of the various interaction last organic components. And it is this that makes special humus universes (or possible worlds) that resurface from images of Merigo and his unconscious. Dream scenes constructed with the lucidity of who knows numbers and knows how to get around them, without any naivete metaphysics and scientific awareness as a result of continuous experimentation. The rise started in the last century with the great cultural revolutions that changed art in all its expressions, ended with the birth of the digital age. And Merigo is the son of this new epoch because silence knows how to listen the sound of life and in the darkness of life that knows light not only as color but movement, secret life of things that transform in their becoming.
Temptation becomes the work of the future that is already present, but amazingly evokes the past and this simultaneity of time to make his visions synesthetic. Giorgio Merigo seeks beauty in art as an eternal evidence which is not always reflected in the observer and it is for this reason that in his works still leaves an open door as a hope that a simple plastic bag dancing in the wind or rose petals falling can ultimately change the world.

Project category
Art exhibition


ORE 10.00-18.00

Officina delle Zattere
Museo d’Arte Contemporanea
(Circuito Biennale di Venezia)