New entrance for the San Paolo hospital in Milan

The development project for the entrance for San Paolo hospital’s entrance in Milan born from necessity to redefine the space above the existing dining area. From here the opportunity to make a new design of spaces and relocation of functions today undersized, located on the ground floor. The shape in plan is dictated by the desire to enhance the opportunities of the roof as an usable area, future place of sociality. New volumes surround the central space characterized by skylights, which will be enhanced by the placement of benches in wood, creating opportunities for rest. Is planned to build a dining area, differentiated in a bar where you can enjoy a break, and in a bigger self-service area, associated with a dining area for users of about 120 people, in the service of students.

Project category

Martina Casarini, Andrea Rebecchi, Mirza Sahman


Azienda Ospedaliera San Paolo – Milano