Competition | Redevelopment of Martiri‘s square and Vittorio Emanuele II‘s square

The project idea for Martiri’s and Vittorio Emanuele II squares focuses to restoring the “urban component” that is currently under the form of “urban park” enable to accommodate a market place required from the community of Belluno. It is urgent to restore an aspect of “mineral garden” that most of the known examples of urban squares has in common. This is possible through a reformulation of the green space in relation to the paved area that does not allow the exclusion of the natural component represented by trees and greenery, but in a more “composed” design. The outdoor furniture for the historical cafes Dehon and Manin is defined as the generation of a space with a strong contemporary character, integrating some signs and linguistic elements with a clear reference to the tradition and history that characterized the cafes of Belluno.

Project category

Martina Casarini, Andrea Rebecchi, Mirza Sahman, Alberto Solazzi


Comune di Belluno