Competition | Redevelopment of Malga Fosse
Comune di Siror, Passo Rolle (TN)

The context in which ideas competition asked to work is extremely valuable for landscape and environment: Malga Fosse is located in the Natural Park of Paneveggio (Pale di San Martino). The complexity of the issue has imposed for a delicate balance between a structure that places itself as a landmark attraction and, at the same time, could be integrated with the surrounding territory, combining complementary and making the work of nature and man’s presence, discreet and attentive host. The delicate choice of architectural form requires a synthesis of what is tradition, what is the main concept that it must confront the contemporary world in which, however, must always be revived. So what form and what color? The form is hidden, but not denied, the landscape is the synthesis of the work of man and nature. Thus, from nature and from the earth born our form, which once emerged shouting loudly his presence, his desire to welcome the man, to be a safe haven in the heart of the most extreme nature. Becomes a small red dot in the snowy landscape. The importance of readability and recognition of the structure leads to the selection of an icon, which is often decisive of what will become the brand of the project. A simple concept often allows you to recall an object or a place. We embrace the simplicity of a closed form which “includes and contains”: the square.

Project category

Martina Casarini, Andrea Rebecchi, Nicola Losi, Thomas Lepore, Alessia Verrua


Comune di Siror (TN)