maison 33 – Differdange (LU)

“maison 33” is a building from the beginning of the 20th century with high aesthetic and historical values. This typology has characterized the image of the south of Luxembourg with elegant floral frames and attics by soaring dormers. In 2011 a fire was fatal for the wooden roof and some slabs bringing the building to a state of neglect, that persists today. The goal of the restoration project was to replace the internal structures fully preserving the facades. It was necessary to demolish the spine wall, too damaged by the fire, with two brand-new reinforced concrete walls. With these walls it was possible to divide the structure of the building in two separate static systems. The first wall, together with the main facade, supports the first half of the slab; the second wall, together with the back facade, supports the second half. Only after the realization of this framework it is possible to demolish the spine wall without damaging the facades.

Project category

Rizo Agovic, Mirza Sahman