Essential living in the Alps | Bivouac shelter with a woolen heart

This is the project of the first alpine bivouac shelter with a woolen heart. We designed an architecture that could host 6 hikers on beds, and other people in free interior spaces. The volume is pure, solid and compact, with an iconic and rigorous style. We provided an innovative distribution of living space with a vertical development (one room of only 19mc/670cfs, with clearly defined functions: a common space at the bottom, and the sleeping area at the top). For insulation we used Edilana Mat50, a needle-felt mat in pure virgin wool from indigenous sheep of Sardinia, density 40kg/mc, thermal conductivity 0,034 W/mK, with mothproof protection, no anti-combustion additives, no allergens, to be laid without dustproof coat. It’s produced by the italian company Edilana ( We were asked to provide great performance in terms of energetic self-sufficiency, thermal comfort, water self-sufficiency and treatment, visibility, anchoring to the ground. For us, this project is the starting point for discussing the theme of light and versatile architecture construction, the use of natural materials, the integration of efficiency systems (hydraulic, thermal and energetic). In the future, these features will have to be considered not only in the mountain environment but in every habitat context.

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Nicola Losi, Fabio Stefanelli, Alberto Solazzi, Alessandro Vitale


“Abitare Minimo nelle Alpi” Competition – PROGETTO SEGNALATO