Redevelopment of a private mixed use industrial/residential area

The redevelopment of some existing buildings on the area is motivated by the need to give a new image at the property, unifying the heterogeneity due to the different ages of the constructions. The project idea involves the renovation of the factory facade and the reconstruction of a abandoned building with the goal of increase visual curiosity and a easy use of the area. An important aspect of the design is the realization of the envelope with a mix of metal cladding system that mediate with heavy walls and transparent glass windows. We chose an aluminium expanded meshes skin in order to exalt the binomial between the material and the place of work. The meshes have three different colours and the tones remind the colours of the sky, from the darkest days to the sunniest ones in order to create a dialogue between the facades and the natural elements on the background.

Project category

Martina Casarini, Andrea Rebecchi, Mirza Sahman