Constantin | Radiator in natural stone

The warm stone reminds us of fireplaces and stoves, a world of memories and senses to be preserved and protected, even if with different technologies and ideas of contemporary. The project aims to redefine the esthetic and technologic evolution that generated the typology of design radiators. Marble is the excellence in materializing heat in the domestic landscape because it radiates a vibrant and pleasant warmth. The sculptural shape and the vertical evolution permit a soft diffusion. The choice of a standing radiator is the best plastic experimentation for this product category: free-standing allows freedom to compose and aggregate elements in the room dedicated to the body care. The product is in the Decori Di Marmo Product Catalogue 2012, a company based in San Salvatore Telesino (Benevento).

Project category
Product design


Concorso Artèteco “Settembre si accende il Design” – SELECTED PROJECT